Ronna Neuenschwander

Open Season (Winter) 2023 
17”h x 13”w x 7”d ceramics, shard mosaic, brass cartridge casings

Flower (Spring) 2023
19”h x 9”w x 9”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic

Flight (Summer) 2023 
16”h x 12”w x 10”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic

Swiss Hind (Fall) 2023  SOLD
19”h x 10”w x 7”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic

Shoe/Wokloni 2023
18”h x 8”w x 6”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic

Behind Every Man 2019/altered 2023 
17”h x 14”w x 8”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic, cartridge casings, slingshot ammunition

Hɛrɛ Ya 2023 SOLD
18”h x 15” w x 15”d
Ceramics, grout, cowrie shells, African porcupine quills

Asylum 2023   SOLD
20”h x 10”w x 9”d
Ceramics, grout, cowrie shells, African and American porcupine quills, mica, Neolithic Saharan rock bead

Blind Privilege 2021 
14”h x 15”w x 5”d
Ceramics, shard mosaic

Survival of the Fittest ... and others

2023 exhibition at Nine Gallery in Portland, Oregon

All work available for purchase. You may contact me for a price list.